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About us/Company history

The company's predecessor has been founded in the nineties with the main purpose of trade, manufacture and import-export of electronic components.

After nearly twenty years of successful operation, the founders decided to walk their own paths individually.

This was the point when Controll Kereskedőház Kft. was born. Carrying on with merchandising of small business and home IT devices, IT solution implementation, manufacture of entry systems and with providing support linked to these activities.

In 2005 the company earned ISO classification and in the next year signed an IT support contract with one of Hungary's biggest pharmaceutical companies.

Through the years C-inform Kft. has quintupled it's staff and has evolved to a versed IT provider company and it is ready to grow more and offer it's services internationally to small and mid-size firms.


About us

We are a team of highly motivated young people whose passion is Information Technology. Our goal is to make IT as comprehensible and people close as it can get.

Latest News

We are constantly looking for new business partners and new challenges!



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